Overwhelmed with gratitude


Last night I dreamed I was about to be murdered. I did not want to be killed, and I tried to get away. But when I knew death was inevitable, I was just fine with it. As the knife cut into my neck, I shouted,”Jesus, I’m coming to see you! Mommy, I’m coming to see you!”
I don’t have a death wish. I have everything I need in this life and so much more than what I need. I have a fantastic family of uniquely gifted people, great friends, satisfying work, and plans for an even greater future. But I’m okay with leaving this life behind. The glorious paradise that God has prepared for those who love him is far superior to even the blessed life I have now. As grateful as I am for the here and now, I’m utterly amazed at what God has planned: a world without sickness, strife, or pain.
I don’t know how long it will be before I leave this earthly life. I’m in no hurry, but when the time comes, I’m ready!